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Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Makeup Training

Microblading eyebrows renuka krishna ind

Microblading Eyebrows

Ombre powder brows renuka krishna india

Ombrè Powder Eyebrows


Nanoblading Eyebrows

Combination Eyebrows renuka krishna indi

Combination Eyebrows,

Microblading + Shading

What Makes RKBTA Stand Apart

Internationally Acredited Certificate

Your hard work and perseverance to understand and complete the training gets you certification in the art of Microblading, Ombrè Powder brows, Combination Eyebrows, Nanoblading Eyebrows. 

Exclusive Discounts on Microblading Supplies

RKBTA offers all students a 5% discount on supplies and products that they need. We usually ship supplies within 2-3 business days.

Practice on Live Model

Students will be required to bring live model to perform each procedure procedure on thus allowing them to gain hands-on experience.

Skill Up

Upgrade your skills and expedite your career in the Cosmetology Industry, with the RIGHT guidance and knowledge.

Lifetime Support

All students will receive lifetime support from their instructors which will allow them to progress in their microblading skills. You will have direct access to ask questions, grade your work, and provide you with continuous feedback for life.

Complimentary Practice kit

Each student will be given a practice kit and RKBTA PMU Maestro Machine for eyebrow microblading, ombre powder brows, combination brows and nanoblading eyebrows with our best regards.


  1. RKBTA Training Manual

  2. RKBTA PMU Maestro Machine

  3. 1p Cartridge Needles (10)

  4. Microblades (10)

  5. Nanoblades (10)

  6. Golden Ratio Measuring Tool

  7. Practice Latex (3)

  8. Microblading Universal Pen

  9. Aftercare Gel (12)

  10. Drawing Pencil (2)

  11. Pigment Bottles (2)

  12. Thinner Solution Bottle 

Training Fee

The Training fee is 3,60,000 INR: Exclusive class for a group of (max) 4 students in one class

The Private Training fee is 4,50,000 INR: Exclusive class with Teacher to Student Ratio 2 (Teachers):1(Student)

5 days

11:00 am - 5:00 pm

4 RKBTA Certificates on successful completion of the training


Eyebrow Microblading Course Training Ind

How much you can earn?


The average SPMU brow procedure costs between ₹25,000 - ₹40,000 and takes two hours to complete. ₹60,000 per day is very achievable as a microblading artist.

The average SPMU technician can treat 2 clients per day. That’s 60 clients per month.

SPMU is not only the hottest trend in the beauty industry but it is also the highest paying job.


Renuka Krishna Artistry RKBTA Microbladi


Gandharva Krishna


The Fundamental Eyebrow Microblading Training course is carried out in groups of eight students. No matter if you are a complete beginner or already a beauty practitioner this programme will turn you into a professionally certified master technician in one of the fastest-growing sectors in the cosmetic world. We will reveal to you all the secrets you need to know to use the method properly. Whether you are a trained beautician or looking for a complete change Micropigmentation can be a rewarding, fulfilling and exciting career.

It takes time, practice, and the support of our RKBTA team which will help you become very successful with your semi-permanent makeup career. That’s not all. We also teach you marketing skills and business-building skills that will take your business to the next level.

Renuka Krishna Beauty & Training Academy is the most recognized and trusted Microblading & Semi-Permanent Makeup Academy in Asia. Our Semi-Permanent Makeup courses across India are of the highest quality, and satisfied students are proof of our professional and quality work. We are dedicated and passionate about helping you, our student, boost your confidence and self-esteem by teaching you to create the most natural-looking eyebrows. We will teach you the latest techniques allowing you to provide good quality work for your clients.

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