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Established in 1990, RKBTA, Renuka Krishna Beauty & Training Academy, stands as a testament to a legacy spanning 34 years. Founded by Renuka Krishna, an esteemed professional who has honed her expertise through extensive global training, our academy has been a pinnacle of excellence, catering to India's elite while nurturing the aspirations of passionate students. Renuka Krishna's journey includes immersive learning experiences worldwide, including the USA, Canada, France, Australia, South Korea, and Brazil, to name a few.

At RKBTA, our commitment revolves around our clients and students. We continually strive to enhance their experiences by introducing India to the latest and most advanced beauty treatments. Our pioneering spirit is evident as the first Eyebrow Microblading artist and trainer in India, and our introduction of Eyelash Lift and Tint stands as a testament to our innovative approach. The resonance of our work echoes through a distinguished clientele that includes Priyanka Chopra, Indrani Das Gupta, Hanut Singh, and other discerning individuals.



Founder, Artist, & Master Trainer

Driven by a passion for beauty and women's empowerment, Renuka Krishna carved her path as the founder of Renuka Krishna Beauty & Training Academy. Her relentless pursuit of staying abreast of the industry's most cutting-edge techniques ensures that her students benefit from a curriculum that's both comprehensive and contemporary. Over her illustrious career of thirty years, Renuka has catered to a prestigious global clientele, specializing in innovative techniques across various domains, from eyebrows and eyeliner to hairline, scalp, lips, skin, eyelashes, and topical makeup.

Renuka's journey into the beauty industry was a revelation, a departure from her earlier academic pursuits in Commerce and Nursery Teacher's Training. Her inherent creativity and an epiphany led her to embrace makeup artistry, starting with a Post Degree Diploma course in Beauty Culture. Her formative years saw her intern at Hyatt New Delhi, later working alongside esteemed French makeup artists and top hotel and salon chains like Dessange in India. From those beginnings, her unwavering dedication has brought forth Renuka Krishna Beauty & Training Academy, renowned for its luxurious services and comprehensive training programs.

As the first and most sought-after academy offering a spectrum of services, from Semi-Permanent Makeup to Bridal Makeup, Advanced Skincare, and more, Renuka Krishna Beauty & Training Academy continues to set industry standards and inspire aspiring beauty professionals worldwide.

Gandharva Krishna RKBTA


Co-Founder, Master Trainer, R&D Head

From the tender age of twelve, Gandharva Krishna embarked on a remarkable journey as a content creator and Co-founder of Renuka Krishna Beauty & Training Academy. As a proficient PMU (Permanent Makeup) and lash artist, Gandharva possesses a profound understanding of the challenges and nuances encountered by aspiring students during their training.

Gandharva's role extends beyond mere co-founding; she invests considerable time and dedication into crafting a comprehensive training curriculum. This meticulously designed program aims to guide new artists, nurturing them from a stage of no experience to mastery in this intricate craft. Her firsthand experience as an artist and trainer allows her to empathize with and cater to the unique needs of budding talents, ensuring they excel in their artistic endeavors.

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