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Perfect eyebrows for everyone!

Eyebrows are a pivotal feature of your face, but there are many who have naturally sparse brows, uneven brows, or even have no brows at all. There is a cure and its called microblading! It is a form of semi-permanent tattoo and looks completely natural, as it involves creating thin hair strands in the same direction as the natural hair. 

"We use a finely bladed pen to create fine strokes within the brow outline, hair line or scalp hair partings, that remarkably mimic natural hair. The end result is so natural that it is hard to tell you have had anything done at all. When done correctly, microblading looks completely natural on people who started with even almost no brows!" says Renuka Krishna, Cosmetologist and KHDA approved Microblading Artist.

Typically the treatment stays for one to two years, and will have to be redone in order to keep your results. The procedure can be costly, but is a form of art that requires intensive training and practice. 

We recognise that our clients need the best technique and results. Renuka Krishna will not only transform your brows but also will be microblading your scalps. In addition she is the first Yumi Lashes France, trained eyelash lift expert in India. 

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