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Amazing Waxing Trend To Try Out Right Now

Waxing is absolutely our lifeline! Who would you even like poky-hair, when you can have a flawless smooth skin... Duhhh! So I'll be talking about the waxing trends taking all over World and our Social media Accounts, Ofc... Today I'm talking about,


The Italian cosmetic company that originally got Rica wax into existence is RICA. Rica's products for haircare and bodycare products are said to be using the natural resources of Sicily and its volcano Mt. Etna.

Ever experienced redness/ inflammation right after getting waxed? Rice Wax promises an experience free of redness! Colophony is well recognized as a skin sensitizer and cause of allergic dermatitis. Rica wax is 100% Colophony Free. It is a natural wax from Italy. The advantages of using Rica Wax are superior hair removal with less pain, and gentle and nourishing, Tanning removal, Anti-inflammatory.

They offer;

LIPOSOLUBLE WAX The different Liposoluble Waxes are formulated for each skin and hair type in order to allow a gentle hair removal effectively eliminating unwanted hair. Said to have less painful and better results without redness.

FILM WAX AND BRAZILIAN LINE A non-strip wax formula, ideal for sensitive areas like face and bikini zone. It is usable in thinner layers and works at low temperature. Rica Film wax can be applied in a very thin layer. This wax optimum results even on short or coarse hair.

SUGAR WAX The original recipe left from ancient egypt: Water, sugar, lemon juice. Free of colorant, fragrance, parabens, preservatives and allergen. Rica Sugar Wax is ideal for Sensitive Skin.

HARD WAX Traditional hard wax is applied some what thickly and without paper strips. Rica Hard Wax : superior strength for a superior results.

With so many saloons giving the service make sure you keep yourself away from those using Rica wax dupes. YES! The dupes are widely used. Don't hesitate asking your technician about the company she is using. You should always emphasise on neat, hygienic and unused (or sterilised) tools and beds.

Though the pricing varies for different rica products but the services usually start from 65$ (approx 4500 INR)

Rica wax has the following varieties:

  1. For Normal skin– Titanium,

  2. For Dry skin– Chocolate, Strawberry

  3. For very Dry skin– Coconut, Olive Oil

  4. For Sensitive skin– Honey, Milk, Aloe Vera, Green Apple

  5. For Bikini Line– Brazilian Wax with Avocado Butter

  6. Luxury Line– Gold, Pearl

  7. Relaxing Line– Talcum

However, Rica wax is messier than normal and chocolate wax and is even more expensive, but at the same time is better for the skin. Therefore, it is always advised to opt for the better quality wax and not go for cheaper options as they can really harm the skin.  

Hope you found the article useful, you can book your rica wax session at RENUKA KRISHNA, in DELHI and get pampered by trained technicians.

With Love Renuka Krishna!


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