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Wake up with the perfect pout! New 1 hour treatment that leaves you with luscious pink lip: in India

Updated: Mar 17, 2019

A new cosmetic procedure is set to give new meaning to the phrase less is moreLip blushing, a semi-permanent makeup, subtly enhances your natural poutThe process lines, shades and textures lips for a healthier, plumper look 

In pursuit of classic beauty, the mantra 'less is more' is one to live by.

And now it seems a new cosmetic procedure is set to give fresh meaning to the phrase.

A growing number of Australian women are turning to 'lip blushing', a semi-permanent makeup which deepens the colour of your pout for a fuller, healthier look.

The procedure takes 60 to 90 minutes and costs up to $1,500 depending on the volume of pigment used.

the process involves artistic shading, lining and texturing to achieve a natural-looking lip tint and subtly plumped effect.

Healing takes approximately five days and the effects of lip blushing last for up to two years without any need for retouching.

The treatment is performed over topical numbing cream which creates a light tingling sensation as the pigment is applied.

Each shade is professionally customised to match your natural lip colour. 

'daily wash of lipstick that never wipes off'.

Traditional permanent makeup uses a strong machine, synthetic pigments and is embedded deep in the dermis…we use organic pigments and modern, digital tools – the results are much more natural looking,' he told Byrdie. 

The treatment is being touted as a long term, cost-effective alternative to getting lip fillers which must be replenished every three to four months. 



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Lee Valdez
Lee Valdez
Sep 04, 2021

Great reading youur blog post

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