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Number 1 Microblading expert in India: Renuka Krishna

As a microblading expert and educator I am always at the lookout of connecting with my peers from the beauty industry. To support one another and eventually grow together.

In this process, I met some amazing artists and proudly enough trained most of them. just as every coin has two sides, I did unfortunately also come across some people (can not call artists) doing disastrous work out there. But we are’t here to talk about them.

So, back to spreading positivity I made a checklist for Clients to figure out the number 1 microblading artist in India. read further to finding your best suitable artist.

Let's go!!!

The Artist's Background:

When we are looking at an artist from the permanent makeup industry, the best candidate would be someone having prior experience in the beauty industry. For instance, I, Renuka Krishna have been working for the last 30 years in and around skin. Hence my extensive experience and research helps me know exactly how your skin will heal and therefore I am able to choose the best procedure for your eyebrows.


One mere training of microblading can never be sufficient. The techniques, products, services and hence the results keep changing owning to the dynamic industry this is. I make sure to get an upgrade training every 6 months and this has made me travel 80% of the globe. I love getting all of you the best world-class services right here in the heart of india, Delhi.


How many clients are being rendered perfect eyebrows, lips, liner everyday, every week, and every month. It is important to note that just the number is not sufficient, what you really want to look at is the final look these clients have got. When you head to our social medias, instagram, Facebook, YouTube and even website perhaps will give you a clear idea of what to expect. You would also want to make sure that the content is 100% original and not taken down for, the internet and not edited for sure.


it’s all about the vibe my friend! check you artists work, visit their website, and meet them. When you do, ask questions. I highly appreciate clients who ask questions. Not only does it make you more informed about the procedure but also ready through and through. Most important of all, you can see if you and your artist vibe together.

Once you go through all of these 4 stages, you will have India‘s best microblading artist do your permanent eyebrows procedure. It’s simple yet extensive. Just like how my clients and students say, “RENUKA Krishna, is the number 1 microblading artist in India. She is the best microblading artists to go to.” It’s all your love & trust.

Keep shinning fellas!

Got questions?

Text me on 9891227227

Here to help!

Sending love and warmth

Renuka Krishna

Eyebrow Microblading Procedure:

Healed Microblading Eyebrows:


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