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Eyebrow Microblading Testimonials

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

I have really wanted to share this for a while now. My clients are loving their perfect eyebrows and wanted to share what they think about the procedure. Please Note the Video Quality changes when uploaded Online, kindly refer to the images.

Bhawna flew all the way from Vancouver, Canada to get her brows on fleek. We loved the way her eyes sparkled up to see her new brows.

Diana, flew all the way from New York to get Perfect Eyebrows. It's all about work and dedication. Thanks Diana, we loved having you!

My beautiful client, talks her heart out. Thank you darling for showering your kind words on me.

Stunning Girl, Mona! She's a Star and we had a lovely lovey time with you. Thanks for all the love, and your kind words.

My clients experience was overwhelming, she is the most beautiful soul I have known for a really long while now. Thank you for your glowing recommendation dear.

Ex-Model and a True Darling, Malvika. It is more than a pleasure Mohave you. We love that you love your Perfectly Bladed Brows eyebrows.

We had a lot of work here, started with almost now brows. Yes, no brows! And what you see now is beautiful eyebrows. I can't explain how happy she was. Lots of love dear!

Eyebrow Microblading for beautiful Kayla, One of our clients from our Microblading tour to the Emirates. We are Certified, Licensed and Comply with International Standards. Glad to Have you Kayla!

Just some magic out there! Super perfect eyebrows for my Client.

Microblading is a true blessing in disguise for many. Rajan, saw his eyebrows for the first time in years. I feel truly blessed to have done some magic.

That's Bangladesh's Best Cardiologist vouching for her perfect eyebrows. I can not express my joy in words. thank you Beautiful.

I call is Magic! Yes I'm a Magician ;)

Who said microblading is for women? men do equally need to have prefect eyebrows. So happy for My Client, now a Friend :)

Loads of love to all Girls & Guys who love perfect Eyebrows!

Renuka Krishna

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Nidhi Buttan
Nidhi Buttan
09 de dez. de 2019

The best! Thank you so much Renuka Ma'am. I had almost no eyebrows when I first came across Renuka's name. We spoke and she consulted me to my hearts content. The treatment was roughly 2 hours and I had eyebrows! Perfect eyebrows after that. More than anything I'm very thankful to you. I had came across a few places in delhi doing microblading but there work didn't seem satisfactory. Some people were selling Eyebrow tattoo in place of eyebrow microblading at very high prices. Im so thankful to God that I came across Renuka. The eyebrows she has given me look so natural.

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