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Your Complete Guide to Waxing for perfect smooth skin!

Want to get smooth, hair-free skin for weeks? Well, it is hundred percent achievable.

Exfoliating is a very essential part of the preparation process. The process will help get rid of debris and dead skin cells thus eventually clearing the skin and allowing the wax to get a good grip on unwanted hair that you want to remove from your skin. It can also prevent any ingrown hair from appearing after the waxing process. It will also boost skin circulation while also improving skin tone and supporting cell regrowth and regeneration. Now, the question is: How can you get beautiful smooth skin after waxing and exfoliating?  This can be achieved through the following tips.

Make sure you have checked the skin that needs waxing

You have to do this before you go and book for an appointment. You cannot undergo waxing if the area that needs waxing has an inflammation or is broken. Point out any beauty marks like moles to your aesthetician so that they can be protected during the waxing process.

It is best to undergo waxing when the hair is long enough

It should be long enough when the wax will be able to get a good grip on it. Take note that if the hair is too short, there is a lesser chance that the wax will be able to pick the hair well thus making it harder to remove unwanted hair. If the hair is too long, on the other hand, the wax will also have a hard time taking a grip on it and will lead to pain. Ideally, the leg, underarm and bikini hair should be at least an eighth of an inch long before waxing.

Lightly exfoliate the skin before waxing

Do this at least a day before you go to the spa but make sure you do not use harsh scrubs on the area. While it has been said that exfoliation helps in grabbing hair it can also lead to more skin sensitivities thus causing pain during the process. Lightly exfoliate the skin using a rough washcloth but make sure you do not scrub the part too hard. Never exfoliate on the same day as when you will be having a wax.

Moisturize your skin 

Do these days before your scheduled waxing appointment with an expert. Moisturizing leads to healthy skin and will allow the wax to grip easily on the skin. Take note though that too much moisturizer will interfere with the wax when coating the hair that needs to be removed.  Just like exfoliating, you should never moisturize on the day of your waxing session.

Moisturize your skin after the waxing session

One of the secrets to beautiful and healthy glowing skin after a wax is to moisturize your skin after undergoing one. You should make sure you apply moisturizers after each shower. This can hydrate your skin and will definitely make it easier for you to enjoy the glow that you want after waxing and exfoliating it.

It is never impossible to get back the actual glow of your skin after exfoliating and eventually waxing unwanted hair from it. Make sure to visit an expert like Renuka Krishna – someone who understands the in’s and out’s of performing a perfect waxing session, and can help you achieve long lasting results.

With Love Renuka Krishna!


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